School Ball Limousine Hire:  5/6/2016
There are many school balls in Perth through the year. For most students they only attend 1 ball during their school years. This being the case you want to make it a night to remember. For the guys it is less stressfull. Possibly a haircut , hire a suit and maybe look for a partner to invite. For the girls is is a much bigger event and a lot of preparation goes into the night. Of course the hair has to look special.  Then there is the the dress or gown that has to be just right as well as the shoes. Also another neccessity  is transport. Things to consider before making enquiry are. How many in your group, What is their budget for transport or what is their preference for vehicle type. Too many times a student pays deposit only to find those that were coming have now changed their minds and going in another limo. You need to explain to your friends the commitment and possibly take a deposit. There are many types of vehicles used for balls and the all come at different prices. The buses are the cheapest form but not that popular as you probally travel by bus every day. The most popular are the limousines and the come in many models, sizes, colours and prices.  To get you pricing supply pick up suburb & destination. Also if you want a return. Passenger no’s is important.  If you want more than a hour on way there say so or else the standard going to ball is 1 hr and stopping off for photos if time permits. Ask what is included in price. When considering photo stop also consider sunset time. It may not be practical. Be sure to get several quotes then make your commitment. If you leave it to late the availabilty will be gone.
At Lakes Limousines we do many school balls. Our pricing is very affordable and we have all you need in the limo for a great night out.
Uber Limousines   4/7/2015
By now most people are aware of Ubers involvement in the transport industry.  They are currently offering transport that Taxis and sedan type SCV’s sedans would normally supply. Not sure how long before you see Uber limos or Limousines Uber appear. The standard of stretched limousine is very high in Perth and the pricing is very competitive due to over supply of limousines. Unfortunately there is always new operators coming on the scene and they tend to drive prices even lower to get some work. It does not take long and their limos are back on the market but meanwhile they have dragged the prices down with them. Uber limousine would look attractive to people not knowing the industry. It will be interesting to see if they are interested in this highly competitive industry.
Perth Wedding Cars.          28/5/2016
When hiring a wedding car or wedding limo in Perth there are few things to consider.
Your budget. What are your priorities?  With wedding transport you can spend many dollars on a limo with flashing lights, karaoke, yes a virtual night club on wheels only to find none of these features were required and not used. Do you require an elegant limousine for your wedding or a party bus? A traditional elegant limousine will come far cheaper and will have all you need to on your special day. What colour do you require?  There are many choices but nothing beats  white for a wedding. Always looks great in the photos and never dates.                                                                                     Passenger numbers? How many passengers and for how long?  You may be in limo as a full group for only a few minutes between photos and reception. Having a passenger in the front for a few minutes may be the difference between stepping up in limo sizes and the savings can be large.                                                                                                                      Check on what is included in the quote and what are extras.  Ribbons, glassware & ice, red carpet runners, child seats, eskys & bridal bears on grille. Is bottled water part of the deal?  What does the chauffeur wear?  Hopefully a suit. If you are unsure ask to inspect limousines and confirm that this is the limo you will be hiring and you are comfortable with operator.  
This is your wedding day and having an experienced chauffeur that is flexible will have ensure the day starts out smoothly.                                                                                                                                 
If you require an affordable quote for an elegant stunning white Statesman wedding limousine then give us a call.   Lakes Limousines.  We are wedding specialists.
Perth Limo prices:     15/05/2015                    
Most issues with pricing occur from not suppling the information upfront. If you live in Mandurah and want to go to CBD say so. Asking how much is you limo for 1 hr is fine but it is never going to be the end price once the location is mentioned. The date and time are  important for availability and a booking midweek or in the winter months will always be less than a Saturday in November. It is in you best interest to supply as many details as you can and then there is no dispute after you have paid the deposit and are locked in.  When requesting a limo price in Perth please note what is required and what to expect.
Pricing is effected by vehicle types, passenger numbers and length of hire. Whilst all limos will get you from A - B there are many different types and sizes. The cost will always vary so you need to be sure what you are getting prices on.   A 10 seat Hummer will alway cost more than 10 seat traditional limo. If you are not sure get quotes for both.
Passenger numbers will also have a large influence on pricing. Limousines range from 6 seats to 16 seats. It is always best to include passenger numbers with your enquiry.    
The more hrs the hire the cheaper the rate. If possible list you times in detail and date.
Visit the individual websites and ask for a quote nominating the vehicle you are interested in. Many sites show limousines that they do not exist they do not have or access to and are just there to enhance website and the quote may be for entirely different limo. If the quote is not detailed just ask for a detailed quote. There is like any other service industry a few operators that may not supply what you are expecting. This is why it always important to supply all details and have them listed on quote.
Remember your limo experience for the right reasons.    
Ken Tolley
Hiring a limousine in Perth       4/1/2015   You may have read we are members of The Wedding Car & Limousine Association and thinking so what! Who cares!
There has been much publicity about unregistered and dodgy people offering cheap limo prices. Some of these actually advertise on the web.  If you are unsure ask for Omnibus Licence no, do they have a website?  If they only offer mob no and prefer cash on the day. BEWARE. If the hire involves children ask the operator if the driver has WWC  accreditation.  It has also become common practice with a small minority  of Perth limo services to accept your booking then when something better comes along they just ring up cancel your booking using some poor excuse. This can be as little notice as the day before. There is very little you can do at such late notice but chase around for a replacement. You are encourage to report these operators to Ministry of Fair Trading and if they get enough complaints about same business they will look in to it.
Some of advantages of using association members.                                                       With association members you can be assured that each member has the correct  licences needed to carry out  business in this field. Each passenger and their belongings are fully insured. These documents have to be produced upon application to join the association. All vehicles are licenced and have passed their annual inspection. Each member has been nominated by a current member who has vouched for their business ethics etc. Any members not upholding the code of ethics will be asked resign. The association sets the standards and expects all member to maintain them.
Our member's vehicles are always pristine and well maintained. The members also network together and should the unexpected happen (break down) they have other members  that  they can call on and they will  make every effort to help out. The association members are kept up to date with all changes and new regulations.
If you would like to know more about the Wedding cars & limousine Association  please view website.

If your inquiry involves children ( School Balls,  Birthdays etc ) , insist on WWC accredited chauffeurs. Don't take a chance with your loved ones. Ask to see card  at pick up.
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