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Type of details required.  Name,  Date required,  Phone no,  Event, Passenger no’s, Length of hire,   Time & address / suburb 1st pick up, Other pick us address / suburb, Destination time & address / suburb Require return?,  Time,  Additional requirements. 
Pricing:  Limousine pricing is generally priced around what size limo you require ( passengers ??  )    Number of hrs limo required for ( more hrs rate comes down )  General area of hire (  you may be 100k’s away or just around the corner )   A date and time if possible is always best  for availability.
The more information you can supply will help us give you fair and accurate price.
We understand if you do not have all or exact details at time of inquiry and we will respect your privacy. Please supply as many details as you can to enable us to give you fixed and best price first up. There can be so many variables with each booking so if you require something special just put it in your inquiry and we will do our best to offer a solution. ( Child seats available) ( Wedding ribbon colour )  anything just ask.
Mob     0416 341 245
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